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Donato Grieco, Achille Pattavina and Yoram Ofek, "Fractional Lambda Switching for Flexible Bandwidth Provisioning in WDM Networks: Principles and Performance", Photonic Network Communications, Issue: Volume 9, Number 3, Date: May 2005, Pages: 281 - 296.

A new approach is introduced in this paper to make possible a flexible utilization of WDM networks using current technology. It is shown that the bandwidth made available end-to-end by a single wavelength can be simply broken up into smaller pieces, or fraction of lambda, by relying on a worldwide common time reference system, such as GPS, previously deployed for different applications. The common time reference system is used to synchronize switches and to facilitate pipeline forwarding of data units. Pipeline forwarding is a known optimal method widely used in manufacturing and computing. It is shown how this new approach, called Time Driven Switching, behaves in terms of call blocking when the basic parameters of the scheme are varied.

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