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Bezalel Gavish, Yoram Ofek and Roger M. Whitaker, "Uplink analysis with mobile devices using directional-smart antennas", Int. J. Mobile Network Design and Innovation, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2005.

One of the main challenges of today’s networking is how to increase the capacity of wireless data networks. Given the inherent limitations of radio frequency (RF) transmission capacity, a promising approach is to divide the 2D/3D space into multiple subspaces and to apply spatial channel reuse, which has the potential: (1) to increase aggregate system capacity, (2) to increase the wireless transmission range, (3) to reduce signal-to-noise and signal-to interference ratio (SNR/SIR), (4) to reduce fading and (5) to reduce power consumption. This paper focuses on how using switched-beam antenna, on mobile devices (stations), can improve wireless communications. Specifically, we study the potential benefit of using a selected one of a multiple flat panel directional antennas, where the antenna selection is performed dynamically—packet-by-packet. The initial results are promising and show significant improvements of various aspects of the wireless system performance.

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