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Meeting location: Aula 13, University of Trento, via Sommarive 14, Povo (TN)
Meeting time: 10:30 to 18:00
Meeting goals: defining specific research activities, publications and further joint proposals
Meeting format: round-table “brain-storming” discussion with short presentations and planning

Project overview and prototype-testbed objectives Yoram Ofek Universita' di Trento
Terabit switch prototype Giorgio Fontana Universita' di Trento
Terabit switch control plan and signaling Michele Corra, Viet-Thang Nguyen Universita' di Trento
Torino software-based time-driven priority switch Guido Marchetto, Mario Baldi Politecnico di Torino
Using Symmetricom GPS time card Guido Marchetto Politecnico di Torino
GE to terabit switch interface Truong Thu Huong Universita' di Trento
Terabit switch to wireless interface Paolo Larcheri Universita' di Trento
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