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Despite the fact that the telecommunications and data networks are in an economic down-turn, this industry remains critical to the economic future of the world. Although it is clear that all future networks will be based on the Internet protocol (IP), there are many technical and business issues that remain open. Proper solutions to those open issues are critical for the recovery of the telecom industry, which consequently motivated this research proposal. This proposed research and development project is focused on several IP packets flow issues through IP networks, from the optical core to the wireless edges. Thus, this project is called: IP FLows over Optical and Wireless or IP-FLOW.

In general, there are two issues concerning the transport of IP packets:

  • routing: determining the path a packet travels on from source to destination, and
  • flow control (or flow for short): how a packet is forwarded (and stored), primarily with respect to time, along the selected path.

The proposed research will focus on the second issue regarding the flow of IP packets.

Timing and flow control are critical since they directly affect how users perceived the quality of IP applications, such as, streaming media, and how much they are willing to pay for such applications. Thus, the proposed research will establish a centre, in the host institute, to investigate of all aspects of IP flows and timing.

The IP-FLOW project will have three research areas (.ppt) :

Research Area 1 UTC-based pipeline forwarding for IP flows for solving switch and link bottlenecks.

Research Area 2 TrustedFlow: a general method for run-time authentication that guarantees correct execution of service level agreements and window flow control.

Research Area 3 Delivering high fidelity content over wireless (Wi-Fi) with directional antennas.

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