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Research Area 2 - Trusted Flow

A generalization of "TrustedFlow", the 2nd part of IP-FLOW was recently awarded: the RE-TRUST Project.

TrustedFlow is a method for authenticating software (protocols and codes) execution in run-time e.g., ensuring proper IP flows as a result of authenticated execution. Software, especially in the context of data networks, suffers from some inherent problems. These include modifications, either by a malicious or inadvertent attacker, malware distribution (e.g., viruses and Trojan horses), and the use of malicious software remotely for penetration, intrusion, denial-of-service (DoS), distributed DoS (DDoS). TrustedFlow ensures correct execution of: window flow control protocol, digital right management software, web client software, services to mobile users and more.

TrustedFlow is a software solution to the problem of remotely authenticating codes and protocols during execution, which aims at assuring that the software is not changed prior to and/or during execution. The solution is achieved by continuously emanating a flow of idiosyncratic signatures. These signatures authenticate the software, from which they have emanated. The idiosyncratic signatures are generated by a secret function that is hidden and periodically replaced in the software and whose execution is subordinated to the proper execution of the software being authenticated. The flow of signatures is validated at a remote computing component. This generation and validation method of idiosyncratic signature is called TrustedFlow protocol. The TrustedFlow protocol is a general add-on protection tool that complements other security tools such as trusted computing platforms, authentication and encryption protocols.

Click here for information about TrustedFlow Project developed at Politecnico di Torino.

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