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Wide Area Testbed

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The WIDE AREA TESTBED involves the interconnection of three prototypes placed in three remote sites:
  • Trento (TN) - Faculty of Science - DIT
  • Milano (MI) - Politecnico
  • Torino (TO) - Politecnico
Each site is made up of:
  • 1 Terabit Prototype Switch
  • 1 PC that works as TDP router
  • 3 TDP interface
  • 1 PC that acts as multimedia-flow server
  • 1 PC at least that acts as multimedia-flow receiver
The in-depth configuration fora each site is shown in the following figure. The PC that acts as TDP Router is also the endpoint for tunnels that interconnects the three site. The tunnels are made up to have a ring configuration.

Hardware requirements

GPS receiver and antennas.

Desktop PC with at least 5 PCI cards to support:
  • 1 PCI for GPS receiver
  • 3 PCI for optical NIC (interconnection with Terabit Switch Prototype)
  • 1 PCI for 2 UTP CAT 6 NIC (interconnection with multimedia-flow client/server).
Desktop PCs or latops to simulate mulitmedia-flow sender and receiver.

Terabit Switch Prototype.

Sofware requirements

The TDP router works with a FREEBSD OS, Kernel 6.1.
The kernel source can be downloaded here. In the repository you can find a plain text document with the description how to install and configure the kernel.

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